Gift of Fire

About Gift of Fire

Gift of Fire is the official publication of the Prometheus Society.

Historically, issues have been published 0 to 10 times per year. In the most recent years, between 1 and 4 double issues are usually published per year.

All opinions expressed in the Gift of Fire are those of the acknowledged author(s) and do not represent those of the Society as a whole, nor do they necessarily represent those of any of the officers of this society or its members.

Online access to the journal is included in members’ dues. Other individuals may purchase a 1-year subscription to read the journal online. Each year-long subscription or member-based to the online journal includes access to our available back issues as well as any issues published during that year’s time. 

Accessing Gift of Fire Online

Online issues of Gift of Fire are available to only to current member and subscribers. Once logged in, paid (current) members and paid subscribers can access available online issues.

Non-members: How to purchase Gift of Fire subscription access

STEP 1: Select and pay your Subscriber dues.

Visit our payments page, make your selection in the payments box, and submit your payment.

STEP 2: Wait for payment confirmation.

Once your payment is processed, our Treasurer will advise you and will notify the Prometheus Officers.

STEP 3: Register for a Subscriber account on our website.

Use the register link on our site to access the registration form. Complete and submit the form. The Internet Officer will confirm your status and will activate your account once confirmation is complete. You must respond to the email confirmation message you will receive from the Prometheus Society before your account can be activated.

STEP 4: Access Gift of Fire

Once online, you may access all available issues of Gift of Fire online.

Submitting Material for Publication

Members are encouraged to submit articles and other material for publication in Gift of Fire. Material can be submitted for consideration by using our Contact Us form. Material from non-members will be considered for publication at the discretion of the Editor and on a space-available basis.

Copyright Information

Each issue of Gift of Fire is copyrighted by the Prometheus Society. However, the ownership of the copyrights of individual articles is retained by the authors themselves so that any article appearing in Gift of Fire may be submitted elsewhere by its author without requesting permission from, or providing notification to, the Prometheus Society. It is assumed that submissions have not previously been copyrighted by another publication unless accompanied by a signed release by the appropriate authority. Subsequent submission to other publications which may then retain the copyright of the material is acceptable.