Fire List

About The Fire List

Fire List is the primary online discussion forum of the Prometheus Society. It is open to current Prometheus Society members and to a very select number of current subscribers.

Fire List History

The Fire List was run as an email-only discussion list (using Majordomo) for several years. It was moved to the WebBoard format in the early Spring of 2001 by Steve Schuessler, then President and Internet Officer. The Fire List WebBoard never became a very active list, and on September 13, 2001 the Fire List as we know it today, with its Internet-based site at Yahoo!Groups; active email discussion; and accompanying polls, databases, photo collections, and other activities, was moved to Yahoo!Groups by Karyn Huntting Peters, who had become Internet Officer earlier that year.

Fire List Participation Policy

In December of 2004, the Prometheus Society Officers adopted the Fire List Participation Policy. This policy set forth the requirements for selected subscribers’ joining the Fire List:

Subscribers* who wish to join the Fire List shall be considered by and voted on by the Officers. A subscriber wishing to join the Fire List must request rights of participation by submitting a request to an Officer of the Society and including whatever arguments for admission and/or individuals who may be contacted as recommendations that seem appropriate to the applicant. In assessing the desirability of the applicant’s presence on the Fire List, the Officers shall take into account evidence of the intellectual prowess of the applicant, including 3-sigma test scores, evidence of exceptional real-world intellectual accomplishments, and recommendations of those whose judgment seems trustworthy for this purpose. Officers shall take these factors into account, weighting them as they see fit, when voting. If an applicant has a history of disruptive behavior on another email list known to them, then this fact should be taken into account on the negative side of the ledger.

All rules of conduct, suspension procedures, etc. applicable to subscribers’ Fire List behavior shall then apply to the accepted applicant.

* The word “subscriber” is used to refer to a person who has paid dues to the Prometheus society but who is not a member of the Prometheus Society.

Fire List Guidelines

All Fire List participants are required to follow the Fire List Guidelines, published in 2009.