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Tests Accepted for Membership

The Prometheus Society is once again accepting new membership applications.

This follows the lifting of an admissions moratorium that was in place from September 2012 to June 2013. At this time, we are accepting only a very limited number of tests. We will be adding new tests to this list as soon as they are cleared by our Membership Committee.

All admissions tests (along with qualifying scores) currently being accepted by the Prometheus Society are listed below.

From June 2013 to the present time, these are the ONLY TESTS acceptable for admissions purposes. We DO NOT accept ANY other tests. Membership applications using scores from any test not shown below will be rejected. Should the accepted tests change, our site will be updated with the revised information.

SAT (old) 1560 Taken before 1 April 1995
GRE (old) 1600 (V+Q) Taken before 1 October 1981
Miller Analogies Test (MAT) (old) 98 (raw score) Taken before 1 November 2004
Miller Analogies Test (MAT) (new) 500 (scaled score) Taken after 31 October 2004
Mega Test 36 Taken before 25 April 1999
Mega27 21 Taken before 17 November 1999
Titan Test 36 Taken before 25 April 1999
LAIT 164 Taken before 1 January 1994


We do not accept any other tests. If there are changes to this list, we will update this page.
We do not administer tests. Testing is the responsibility of the applicant.