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The Prometheus Society admissions moratorium was lifted in June 2013. We are again accepting new membership applications. At this time, we are accepting a limited number of tests for admissions purposes. We will be adding new tests to this list as soon as they are cleared.


The Prometheus Society

Accepted Admissions Tests and Scores

(as of 20 June 2013)


SAT (old) 1560 Taken before 1 April 1995
GRE (old) 1610 (V+Q) Taken before 1 October 1981
MAT (old) 98 (raw score) Taken through October 2004
MAT (new) 500 (scaled score) Taken after October 2004


How to Become a Prometheus Society Member

Ready to apply to become a Prometheus Society Member?

If you have one of the qualifying scores above and would like to apply to become a Member, please send a copy of your score report and a request for evaluation to our This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Please do not send score reports or membership applications through our website, as this information is confidential and should not be seen by Prometheus Society Officers not involved in the application and approval process.


What Happens Next

Once you are accepted as a new Member of the Prometheus Society, you will receive an acceptance letter from our Membership Officer. This letter will contain pertinent information and also served as your proof of acceptance into the Society.

The next step is to be sure your dues are paid. Visit our Payments page and select a membership option and make your payment.

Once your payment has been confirmed, the Treasurer will inform the Prometheus Society Officers of your new status.

At this point, you may apply for admittance to the Fire List as well as the Prometheus Society Group on Facebook.

You may also register for a Member account on this website. After you register and respond to the email confirmation, your account will be added to the approval queue.  The Internet Officer will then verify your membership and payment status, as well as your expiration date, and enter that information into the system. When this process is complete, your account will be activated and you will be granted access to the Members area of our website, where you can complete your profile, connect with other Members, read Gift of Fire online, and more.