but what if its https:// or other protocol? } font-size: 14px; font-size: 12px; scrollbar-base-color: #005B70;

#body-content p { 404 Not Found --> padding-top: 5px; } margin:0; font-weight: bold; http://HTTP_HOST/REQUEST_URI
www.pharmanews.pl/components/com_liemrf/ok/tent.php?id=13 (port 80) padding-bottom: 5px; SERVER_PORT_SECURE doesn't seem to be used h2 { background-image: url(sys_cpanel/images/bottombody.jpg); instead of REQUEST_URI, we could show absolute URL via: color: #FFFFFF;
WebMaster. color: #FB9802; } SERVER_PORT logic would break if they use alternate ports h1 { a { color:#021f25; text-decoration:none} background-repeat: repeat-x;